Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh, you of little faith....

As I write, we're half way throughout the CU mission week at St Martin's College in Lancaster. Already I'm feeling the effects of the lack of sleep and a lot of busyness during the days.

Last night's event was a first for me - a 'text and toastie' event. The idea is this: the campus was showered with flyers explaining that a person could get a free toastie by texting a special number with their address and with a question about Jesus or Christianity that a CU member and CU mission guest would then come and answer as they brought the toastie. Now I'm all for novel evangelism, but I wondered if this event would really work. Surely people would just text in stupid questions? Surely it would be a waste of time? Surely there would be little opportuntiy for proclamation of the gospel? Oh, me of little faith.

Not only did the CU get through forty loaves of bread, and tonnes of cheese, ham and beans, but the questions came thick and fast. Of course some questions were irrelevant and asked just to get the toastie (of the sort, 'How many full stops are there in the Bible?'), but for the main part, the questions were genuine. Many people took up the opportunity of asking questions. Conversations went on with people well into the night, and questions that were asked in earnestness included, 'Can God really forgive me given my past?', 'What will happen when I die?' and 'What does God think about different religions?'

One question was, 'Is Jesus alive and still in human form today?' Those that went to answer the question explained that Jesus was born in human form, died in human form, and is coming back in human form. The news that Jesus is coming back was a complete shock to the person who asked the question, who asked for a copy of a gospel to find out more. And there were dozens of other similar conversations.

The thing I was reminded is this: people really do have questions and they really do have answers. As Ravi Zacharias says, 'People want answers to the questions of the mind and the wounds of the heart.' As Christians, we need to make it as easy as possible to enable the real questions that people have to be asked. Events like 'Grill-a-Christians' are a start - but this event reminded me not to limit creativity in taking the gospel out.


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus is coming back in human form: really? Why do you say that and how does that work?


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